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The Secret to Balancing Good Grades, a Social Life & Job Whilst At University/ College

  What's up everyone its Thori n here welcome back to my channel or if you're a new viewer welcome to my channel as you can see by the title today's video is going to be because I'm gonna be sharing it some life hacks which I think are gonna be very beneficial to a lot of you guys watching because I'm basically gonna be sharing how you can balance a social life good grades  internship report writing help  and what you slash interning or whilst you're at university if you guys have been subscribed to my channel for a while now or follow me over on my Instagram then it's probably crossed your minds but I do fit in a lot of different things and probably the most asked question I get is how I do all and me personally I feel like it's so simple to balance everything and so that's what I want to share this article.  If you guys don't you hope you guys out I literally have a hair in my mouth and some life hacks with you guys so they are able to do every
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Leader Vs. Manager: Which One Are You?

  I've  seen great leaders who aren't the best managers great managers who aren't the best leaders people who have seemed to master both and everything in between between you and me leaders and managers require different skill sets to succeed in the job they're meant to do while some a dmission  Essay writing online  skills do overlap and the jobs are similar they are also very different today i want to explain the differences in the characteristics of what makes a leader versus a manager why it's important to be a leader if you want to be a good manager and how to become skilled in both leading and managing this is the key to making yourself an extremely valuable and important person in your business. So let's start by defining what is a leader a leader is someone who guides a group of people or an organization to a desired goal or result or higher level in the workplace leaders are often people in c-level positions like ceos which is the person in charge of ev

The 5 Most Useful College Majors In 2022 (High Demand & Pay)

If there's one thing i learned over the last few weeks it's that people get extremely triggered when you tell them the cold hard truth that they're getting a useless college degree but you guys also showed so much love on my video last week where i talked  CIPD assignment help  about the most regretted college majors so as promised here's a video on the best college majors for the future the world is changing super quickly i mean just look at what's happened over the last few months but that also means that the majors that were really popular with our parents might not be the best for us so it's really important you go beyond what your parents are telling you and really explore all of your options to make sure you're choosing the best major for you. Today i'll share 4 things you need to be looking for in a college major and five college majors that are only going to become more and more valuable throughout our lifetimes hey everybody my name is hasham kh

The habits of highly successful students - 7 best study tips from a college professor

School is a short-term sacrifice that yields long-term success and that is why i believe that any time invested in education is a wise investment when I look at where i started i have no doubt that education was my path to success education has opened many doors of  capstone project help  opportunity for me and i believe that it can do the same for you know what is it that will motivate you to keep going when you feel like giving up I’m going to share with you seven powerful tips and the first one is persistence is key I’ve been in the field of education for over a decade and i've discovered that earning a degree or diploma is more about persistence and commitment than intellectual capacity intellectual capacity cannot replace a strong work ethic intellectual capacity cannot replace discipline and determination and so i've seen students of average intelligence. Work hard and outperform students who were extremely intelligent when it comes to crossing the finish line you have to

How to Build Expertise While Learning

The people on the internet think I'm a design expert I don't know why or they think I'm a negotiation expert yes I have done things and I've been coached and trained for really a lot of what I'm saying comes from probably no more than thesis writing help five books that's why I'm always quoting the same exact books that have redefined life experience plus knowledge plus skills equal expertise so that would make very few of us experts that would probably discourage a lot of us from starting to share what we've learned a lot of people naturally say you have to have those 10,000 hours so then if your definition is of actual experience and perhaps we have to start to wonder if that is true every time we are not the domain experts and I'm going to assume more often than that we are not the domain experts what do we need to do call the domain experts what do we need to ascertain from the domain experts what do we need to know.  I think we need to know wha

Soft Skills - Presentation Skills

  We will talk in detail about presentation skills well I would like you to imagine a situation have you at any point in your school in your college or at your workplace ever faced a situation like this where in your teacher or your boss at work has asked you to give a good  assignment writing service online   presentation on a particular topic in front of a group of people well what are the feelings that you go to do you feel challenged anxious nervous or you feel like hiding under your bed and never coming out again well if you go through such feelings this is a video tutorial I would really urge you to watch out for because today we are going to talk in detail about how to give a good presentation and an effective presentation. Well let's get started let's see what is there on the agenda today we will talk about what is a presentation what are the steps of a good presentation anatomy of a successful presentation and that's the crux of our module today adding your own f

The Marketing Environment & Tracking Trends

I'm mark Walters with Walters World and today we're going to talk about the marketing environment a little bit of business today and what you need to know is a business is like a person we all would survive and live and thrive in certain environments or fail in certain  buy essay online  environments I'm here with beautiful fall air and then trees and the little squirrels hopping around all these things makes my life better it makes it easier for me to enjoy the same thing kind of happens with companies they need to look at their environment and if it's good for them they can thrive and be prospered but the thing is we have to watch and see what's going on ok now if we look at the marketing environment for any customer or I'm sorry for any company their environment is based on one thing. Good customer because let's be honest if your customers don't like your products your customers don't buy your products you've got some big problems so that