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How to write a dissertation abstract?

Dissertation writing is a challenge that will push you to the limits. You need to be well prepared and well equipped to take on a dissertation writing challenge. Students make the mistake of leaving the dissertation writing task for the end and don’t have enough time to complete the dissertation. In this manner, contact CIPD assignment help to secure your dissertation paper. Start early so you don’t have to rush through the dissertation.

The first thing you need to do is to write the abstract of your dissertation. First, you must understand what is a dissertation abstract? How to write it so read on and find out how to read the dissertation. If you need any help from dissertation experts thus keep an eye at ivory research.

 Dissertation Abstract

 A dissertation abstract is a compressed description of your dissertation. A reader must get an idea and know what to expect from the dissertation after reading the dissertation abstract. All the important aspects of your thesis are presented in condensed form in your dissertation abstract. It creates the first impression and sets the expectation for your dissertation.

Size of the Dissertation Abstract

The size of the abstract varies according to the level of education. A master’s dissertation should not exceed more than 250 words and a doctoral dissertation should be confined within 400 words. The same structure you will follow in your dissertation should also be followed in the dissertation abstract. Sum up each chapter in a couple of sentences and you can easily write a dissertation abstract.

Research Question

For the logical structure of your thesis, it is highly essential to discuss the research question in your dissertation abstract. Present the research question when you start writing the dissertation abstract. Don’t include many research questions because it will increase the length of the abstract. Stick with one research question that is the most important one for your dissertation.

Include Results

Many students make the mistake of neglecting results altogether and don’t include results in the dissertation abstract. Telling the reader what you discovered during your research is very important. For that, you must present results in a couple of sentences. Interpret and summarize the results at the end of your dissertation abstract. This will give the reader an overview of what you achieved without reading the complete dissertation.

Get Feedback

You might not be well versed in writing a dissertation abstract, but you have tried your best to impress your committee with your dissertation abstract. There is always some room for improvement and for that purpose, you will have to take feedback and ask assignment writing services else to read your dissertation abstract. An experienced teacher is the best man for this job. Take an appointment and request them to read your dissertation abstract. Analyze their feedback and correct the mistakes before submitting it to the teacher.


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